About us

BIO: Showroom for furniture JETMIR is synonim of tradition, life, correctness, but above all, quality for our clients. JETMIR has started with work in 1994, with an idea and passion to create something which would be proud as well as our clients. JETMIR made substantial changes in the investment environment in our approach, enabling the quality for all his clients. JETMIR was part of the transition and transformation of our society. He survive all the challenges and barriers of time, to make us stronger and with mor courage to continue our work and purpose. This enabled JETMIR to become a most prestigious companies in Kicevo, but also gaining wider credibility of our clients. With increasing confidence grew, the number of our clients with what they had in early 2008 to expand business with a glamourous salon next to main road Kicevo-Skopje.

PRODUCTS: With the increasing number of clients automatically increasing the number of product. We offer entire spectrum of enterier and the possibillity of choice by clients. Our products are recognized for the quality, because not all furniture may be part of our bid. We are always one step ahead of others.

PARTNERS: JETMIR difinetly will not be able to achieve his succes if he did not cooperated with prestigious comapnies in the country and wider region. In our palette we offer furniture from companies like: ERA Mobilya from Turkey which JETMIR is the main distibuter for Macedonmia, FORMA IDEALE, LAGADO etc.

SYNIMI: All this that was written above, our goal, still remains to increase the range of furniture, increasing the number of our products, expansion of the buisiness that enables the clients to offer the most conspicious and will eventually seek still maintaining and increasing your credibility for the work we do.

JETMIR Furniture